Here at Smart Blanks apparel, we sell wholesale blank clothing to business owners across the country who use our apparel as a canvas for their art. We love seeing what people do with our joggers, french terry shorts, blank T-shirts, and all of our other high-quality apparel! Because we’ve worked with so many business owners, we also have picked up a few tips and tricks for printing over the years. Here are a few tips for screen printing that you can use when you print on our blank apparel.

Keep Your Screen Tension Tight

The screen is the most important tool in this process, and it’s important that it’s working properly! Screen tension depends in part on the type and size of the frame you’re using. For example, wooden frames can lose tension when exposed to moisture. Printing large bulk orders can also make your screen less tight. Improperly tensioned screens will lead to lower-quality prints.

You should have a screen stretcher to bring your mesh to proper tension and you should check the tension regularly to ensure that everything is in order. While it is important to make sure that your screen is taught, you should also know that too high of screen tension can also be a problem!

Understand What Types of Prints Work for Different Types of Apparel

Our bulk apparel company sells a wide range of blank apparel, including items like french terry shorts and blank joggers. While some screen printing businesses only print T-shirts, if you have multiple types of clothing and fabrics, it’s important to know what types of prints will work well for them. For example, the type of screen print you do on a loose-fitting french terry hoodie will be much different than one for a zip-up. Plan your prints to fit your canvas!

Know What Colors Don’t Discharge Well

In the same way that you should fit the designs to your apparel, you’ll also need to choose a smart color pallet that fits the color of the item you are printing on. For example, if you print a light beige onto a bright blue T-shirt, that color may be influenced by the color of the garment.

Meet Your Deadlines

This tip is more of a business tip than a screen printing tip, but it’s worth saying — deliver on what you promise! In order to set appropriate deadlines, though, you need to know the ins and outs of your screen printing process and know just how long it will take you to prepare the screen and print the design onto blank clothing.

Keep Good Records

Again, another business tip, but it also affects how well you can screen print products. Be sure to keep records of past orders, designs, color combinations, etc. This will help you better understand things like what colors don’t discharge well or what designs work on what items of blank clothing. If you do custom orders, keep the records tied to the customer information so that you can easily print for repeat orders or provide examples to help customers make their decisions.

Smart Blanks - Wholesale Blank Clothing

We hope you found these tips helpful! If you’d like more tips and tricks for utilizing our bulk apparel, visit our blog. We create blank apparel for a market that demands the best fabric, style, and value — and we never compromise on quality. We offer not only a classic cotton line, but also fleece, french terry, and our reserve line. Our styles are versatile and perfect for screen printing or any other design technique! Browse our collections and place your order today!

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