Here at Smart Blanks, we sell and ship a wide variety of blank clothing to business owners across the country who then print their own unique or custom designs. One decision you must make as a business owner is whether to screen print or print direct to garment. We’ve gathered a few pros and cons for both technologies here to help you decide. (spoiler - try offering both!)

What Is Screen Printing?

To begin with, it’s helpful to have a basic understanding of both types of printing. Screen printing is the more traditional technique, and it involves pressing ink through a stencil on a screen onto the fabric.

What Is Direct to Garment (DTG) Printing?

Direct to garment printing is a newer technology that works like an inkjet printer to transfer a digital image onto your blank clothing.


The first thing to consider when deciding between screen printing or DTG printing is the type of design you want to print. Because DTG printing utilizes a digital print, you’re able to get a much more detailed print than you can with a screen printing stencil. DTG also works well for designs that have a lot of different colors, an effect that is more difficult to achieve with screen printing.

Size of Order

Perhaps the biggest deciding factor between DTG and screen printing is the size of the orders you’re filling. DTG works great for smaller, custom orders, but can slow things down if you’re filling large orders (think 10 or more items). While making the screen can be time-consuming, after you have it done, the process of printing the blank clothing takes very little time.


In terms of cost, the making of the stencil for your screen print does take some time. For DTG printing, after you have the machine, you simply input the design and it will print the product. However, that price is offset when you’re making a large number of the same print. Because screen printing is more efficient, you’ll save money in the long run printing the same design on bulk apparel over and over again.

Offer Both!

If you’re a custom apparel business, offering both DTG and screen printing gives you the best value in the long run. Not only will you be able to offer your customers more options, but you’ll also be able to save money by utilizing the technique when they’re most appropriate.

Smart Blanks - Wholesale Blank Clothing

If you’d like more information on things like printing techniques or the benefits of our bulk apparel, visit our blog. We create blank clothing for a market that demands the best fabric, style, and value — and we never compromise on quality. We offer a wide variety of blank clothing, including a classic cotton line, fleece, french terry, and our reserve line. Our styles are versatile and perfect for screen printing, DTG, or any other design technique! Browse our collections and place your order today!

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