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Most of our bulk apparel customers are looking to buy wholesale blank clothing in order to custom print their own products. The most well-known way of printing on blank clothing is by screen printing your design. In today’s post, we’ll be looking at a fairly new, igh-tech process called direct to garment printing, or DTG.

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What is DTG?

DTG is essentially an inkjet printer for blank apparel. Instead of the ink you would use on paper, though, a DTG printer applies high-quality garment ink. The ink is water-based, and absorbs into the fibers of the apparel, leading to long-lasting and vibrant colors.

Benefits Of DTG

The major benefit of DTG printing is the speed with which the apparel is finished. It is also hassle-free and easy to clean up, because the ink stays within the machine. If your business offers print-on-demand services, DTG is the way to go, because you can print within an hour or two. You can stock your store with Smartex Apparel bulk apparel and print products as they come in.

With direct-to-garment printing, you can also create very detailed designs, because the printer can work at the size of pixels. You also have an unlimited color palette to work with.

DTG vs. Screen Printing

Both DTG and screen printing can be used to create beautiful custom apparel products. The main difference is in the method of printing and the cost.


DTG sprays ink onto the garment — hence the name ink jet. Screen printing, on the other hand, layers the ink on top of the fabric. Both methods create high-quality prints, but DTG can yield more detailed designs.

While DTG is great for fast, on-the-spot prints, it’s not as great for large bulk printing. If you’re looking to fulfill a large bulk apparel order, you should go with screen printing over DTG printing. DTG printing is much less efficient.


DTG requires a smaller upfront investment than screen printing. If you’re just starting out or looking for a quick way to grow your business, DTG on-demand printing is a great choice. You can also experiment and introduce new designs risk-free. If, however, your business is modeled on buying large quantities of bulk apparel — like the kind that Smartex Apparel provides — then screen printing is the way to go.

Smartex Apparel

We are a blank apparel company and we bring our customers premium bulk apparel at a competitive price. Our apparel company is backed by 15 years of manufacturing experience and our business and products reflect that. Our styles are versatile and great for any kind of custom printing or decoration technique — including direct to garment printing!

When you order bulk apparel from Smartex Apparel, you can trust that you’ll receive a high-quality product. Choose from our wide variety of clothing options, including cotton T-shirts, joggers, fleeces, and more. Browse our collections and get in touch with us today.