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Buying Direct vs. Buying From Distributors

One of the biggest pieces of advice that established business owners give to those just starting out is that relationships are key to a prosperous business. Here at Smart Blanks, we pride ourselves on our strong relationships with our customers.

When you partner with a wholesale supplier, that relationship can last for years. When you buy our bulk apparel, we’re rooting for your business to succeed! And you can trust us to reliably deliver high-quality bulk apparel to your store.

In today’s blog, we outline some of the benefits of buying wholesale apparel as well as the importance of maintaining quality distribution channels. Understanding where your stock is coming from and how it’s getting to your door is vital to the success of your business.

And here at Smart Blanks, we’re happy to make our process transparent to our customers! Contact us today to learn more and browse our blank apparel collections.


Buying wholesale is when a brand or manufacturer distributes its products, like the bulk apparel that Smart Blanks sells, to retailers in bulk. There are several benefits of buying wholesale apparel.


Buying wholesale allows you to buy each item, like a blank tee, at a lower cost. Buying your stock at a better price allows you to increase your cash flow as well as lower the price on your own products, making your business more competitive.


Buying wholesale means you can buy a lot at once — part of what allows you to get your product at a lower price. Here at Smart Blanks, we sell bulk blank apparel, but you can buy pretty much anything that your business needs in a larger quantity through wholesale.


Our bulk apparel company is proud to offer high-quality apparel. Buying wholesale means that you’re buying directly from the manufacturer, and we know how the factories creating our blank apparel are run, down to the materials, machines, and employees. When you order from us, you get garments that are free of defects and haven’t been tampered with by a middle man.

Types of Distribution Channels

It’s important for all business owners to understand where and how their products are arriving in your store. One of the things that sets our blank apparel company apart from other businesses is that we know exactly where and how our products are made.

All of our clothing factories are family-owned. And we have great relationships with the people who ship our products, so we know how and when your bulk apparel order arrives at your doorstep. Here are a few of the types of distribution channels to consider when ordering stock for your store.


Sometimes you are able to buy directly from the manufacturer, which means your distribution chain is very small — just you and the manufacturer! Buying directly from the manufacturer is one of the best ways to reduce costs, since you can cut out the middle man.

Exclusive Distributor

If you’re in a particular industry, there may be rules and regulations around how your product is imported and distributed. In terms of bulk apparel, there are less regulations than say, food products or electronics.

Regional Distributor

Regional distributors sell truckloads of boxed products, and then break them down to sell to local distributors.

Daily Deliveries

If you have regular deliveries — for example, if your store stocks perishable goods — then you’ll need to form a good relationship with individuals who make deliveries.

Smart Blanks

We are a blank apparel company and we bring our customers premium bulk apparel at a competitive price. Our business is backed by 15 years of manufacturing experience, and our high-quality products reflect that dedication and knowledge.

When you order bulk apparel from our company, you can trust that you’ll consistently receive high-quality products. Follow our blog to continue learning tips and tricks that we’ve learned along the way. And if you’re interested in ordering wholesale blank apparel or have any questions about Smart Blanks, contact us today!