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The Benefits of DTG Printing

Retailers and marketers are opting for customizing print apparels to create brand awareness. The process can be overwhelming when it comes to garments and various production methods responsible for the end product. Every printing technique comes with its pros and cons. The question is, what is best for you?

Direct To Garment Printing or DTG printing is one such textile technique that has emerged in the 90s. It is also known as digital garment printing or inkjet printing. DTG uses water-based ink that directly prints the design onto the ready-to-wear garment (t-shirts). The fibre completely soaks the ink and gives a smooth finish.

The mechanism works similar to printing on paper. Types of equipment necessary to carry out the process are:

Computer- A computer with various graphic design software (Ai, EPS and Corel Draw) creates vector-based graphics for your custom designs or logo.

DTG Printer- There are different variations of a digital printer for various operations.

  • The tablet printer comes with one pallet, which is suitable for small productions.
  • The workhorse printer comes with four pallets. These are suitable for large-scale industrial productions.
  • A hybrid printer is a combination of direct to garment printing and screen printing.

Ink- DTG printer uses water-based inks to create wide ranges of colours.

Pretreatment Machine- This device pretreats your garment for further process. Always use a primer before printing. This process is optional with CYMK inks but necessary for white ink. There are two processes.

  • Internal Pre-Treating Process- Here the DTG printer automatically applies a layer of pretreatment before the printing starts.

  • External Pre-Treating Process- It is done either manually or through a spray gun. You can either get a pretreatment machine for this process or buy ready-to-wear pretreated t-shirts.

Curing Device- A tunnel dryer or a heat press dries your garment after pretreatment and cures after the printing is complete.

Is DTG Printing Good Quality?

The direct to garment (DTG) shirt printing method follows a precise process and delivers consistently high-quality products. The DTG printers can handle all sorts of designs- simple to intricate patterns. The water-based ink technology provides vivid colour schemes that help to create photorealistic prints.

How Long Does a DTG Print Last?

As per the industry standard, a printed cloth can last up to 50 washes. The rate of washes increases with water-based ink DTG printing. The durability of DTG print depends on:

  • The base colour of your T-shirt.
  • Wash and care instructions.
  • How did you hang dry after washing?

A DTG print shirt will last longer if you follow the wash and care instructions properly.

Is DTG Printing Profitable?

Yes, DTG printing is profitable. The apparel industry has seen a revolution with the emergence of DTG printing. It is user friendly when it comes to print artwork directly onto the custom apparel.DTG comes with several benefits like:

  • Sustainability- It is easy to create print-on-demand, one-off designs with DTG. Unlike traditional printing, you do not require a setup. The use of automated water-based inks makes it eco-friendly. There is zero mass wastage as it directly prints onto the garment.

  • Flexibility- DTG broadens your target group and the types of services you wish to offer. It provides vast flexibility with different styles- high-end fashion garments to ready-to-wear garments.

  • Quality- Direct to garment printing provides high-quality designs. It works best with polo shirts and t-shirts (work uniforms). It increases its utility in various fashion industries. Choose the best quality print for intricate designs and fancy logos.

  • Detailed Design- Customers do not want to spend their money on low-quality designs. DTG is known for its ability to create an intricate and vibrant design that makes your product stand distinct from the crowd. You can easily print over the zippers and to the garments that were impossible to achieve through other printing techniques.

  • User-Friendly- One needs to have the expertise and training to carry out screen printing. DTG creates high-end printed garments. The best part is that you do not need to have a special team or years of experience to carry out the process.

  • Great for Small Business- Screenprint is a cost-effective process for bulk production. DTG makes it easier to print on a single garment or large quantities, depending on the order. The digital piezo print head directly prints images onto the t-shirt.

  • Design Format- With DTG, you can print vector images as well as raster-based images. It allows you to print any picture from your digital camera directly onto your garment.

  • Custom Option- You never have to restrict yourself with DTG printing. You can print custom designs on shoes, caps, pillowcases, etcetera. It opens a gateway to expand your business.

  • Quick Turnaround- With DTG, you can carry out orders in small batches. You can take this to your benefit. It is convenient to turn around orders with DTG small batches. It is easy to please your customers with a short preparation time, an effective printing process and a top-notch service.

How Many Washes Does DTG Last?

Pretreated garments offer better washability than DTG garments without pretreatment. A high-temperature wash results in fading, cracking and shrinking of the garment.

Follow the below-mentioned instructions for a prolonged life span.

  • Always turn your garment (t-shirt) inside out before washing.
  • The optimum temperature to wash is 30 degrees for machine wash.
  • Go for an appropriate mild detergent.
  • Avoid fabric softener and chlorine bleach.
  • Use a gentle cycle for mild washing.
  • Avoid dry-cleaning.
  • Never iron on top of the print. Cool iron the inside of the t-shirt. It is optional.
  • Never wash your light colour t-shirts with dark colour. It may lead to colour bleeding.
  • Dry it on a hanger and avoid direct contact with sunlight.

Is DTG Printing Durable?

Yes, DTG printing is best to create durable and long-lasting prints. The durability of your garment depends on various factors:

  • Garment quality.
  • Type of ink used.
  • Pretreatment and curing.
  • Wash and care.

Final Thoughts

DTG t-shirt printing comes with certain limitations, but with an appropriate garment and correct procedure, you can achieve the best possible results. At Smart Blanks, we strive to provide customer satisfaction and the best quality bulk apparels at competitive prices.