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Hoodies are highly popular and have been a staple for as long as we can remember. The best hoodies have a combination of quality fabric, breathability, softness, and durability. Finding the right hoodie style for yourself can be a challenge, but if you take these points into mind, it will help you choose the right product.

Our wide selection of quality hoodies at Smart Blanks give you a wide range of styles to choose from. Here are some tips to find the best hoodie for your needs:

1. Check out the blend in the fabric

When shopping for a hoodie, the quality of fabric plays a big part of the selection process. It’s important to check out the composition of the materials being used to make it. Most of the hoodies in the market are polyester blends, such as 65% polyester blended with 35% cotton or 50% polyester with 50% cotton. When it comes down to it, whether it is a hoodie that is 80% cotton or 65%, the best one that will work for most types of decoration techniques, are the ones that have a 100% cotton facing.

Some people can be fooled into thinking that a softer hoodie = better quality, but it all depends on what type of decoration technique you are doing. For example, a hoodie with more polyester than cotton might feel better but if it’s a poly cotton blend on the face of the fabric, certain prints and washes will not work as well.

2. Design

This will definitely sound like a simple choice to you, but how you will print or embroider your hoodie will help you make the right choice. While most sweatshirts come with a kangaroo pocket in the front, they are not all the same size. Some might have a larger pocket than others, minimizing the print area that you can use and limiting the decoration style. Another design aspect is the hood itself. Most pullovers have a hoodie that is made of 2 panels. While that is the most common style, a 3 panel hoodie allows for you to print on it and for the hoodie to settle better when worn.

One of the biggest problems that is encountered with a fleece hoodie is the inner labeling. While our hoodies at Smart Blanks all feature a half moon patch for relabeling with your neck label, others do not. Printing on the inside of the fleece is possible, but when washed, the sizing and brand label easily washes off.

3. Elastic bands

Most hoodies are designed with elastic rib bands at the sleeves and waist. When poorly made, these tend to lose their elasticity over time, causing them to warp in shape. A premium hoodie should be constructed to last over time.

4. Appropriate fit

Fit is another essential factor which must be taken into consideration. There are multiple styles ranging from cropped hoodies, zip-up hoodies, to pull overs and baggy styles offering you the look that you are looking for.

Though there are hundreds of options available everywhere, the style you choose with the right fit can amplify your design . A commonly used hoodie in the market is known to have a boxy fit. While some may prefer this, a modern fit that is a little more tapered and longer in length, allows for better shrinkage results after any washes and can last longer.

5. Stitching and Construction

No matter what the hoodie style or size is, if the construction is not up to par, it will not last. Turn the hoodie inside out and look at the way it is constructed. A style that was made with care and quality in mind will not have open stitches or long loose threads. Remember, just because it looks good on the outside, does not mean it’s constructed well on the inside.

Smart Blanks: Your smart choice for quality hoodies

Smart Blanks offers you best quality hoodies to buy in bulk/wholesale with a range of styles and colors. The biggest and most important benefit of wholesale hoodies in bulk is the affordability factor. You can buy the best quality hoodies at the prices that work for you without the added costs of working with a middle man.

The sweatshirts and hoodies at Smart Blanks stand out from rest and have become well known in the industry for the high quality and reasonable cost. Check out why you should choose Smart Blanks for your next project.

  • Our hoodies are available in a vivid range of color options and offer up to 5X in certain styles.
  • Our collection of hoodies not only offers you the right quality, but also makes you feel comfortable with materials that are durable and breathable.
  • We offer an array of options of premium hoodies ranging from zip-up hoodies, pullovers, solid colors, printed, cropped hoodies, and many more all available online!
  • There are no hidden charges that will suddenly increase the price of the product at the time of check out. The price is clear with no added fees.
  • We stand behind our product. If you are not satisfied, we are more than happy to make sure you are!

Well, you have it all here. The best quality hoodies in the game. So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us and start shopping the best quality hoodies in the industry!5 Things that help you identify the quality of a hoodie.