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Wearing comfortable clothes — like the cotton T-shirts, joggers, and fleece that we make here at Smart Blanks — is becoming more and more popular. In fact, it’s spawned a whole new category of fashion: athleisure. Athleisure is blurring the line between gym clothes and street clothes, and besides being incredibly comfortable, it also goes hand-in-hand with health consciousness and busy schedules.

With the right joggers or leggings, you can go on a run over your lunch hour and then right into an afternoon meeting. And by blending pieces, like say a soft cotton T-shirt, with a sports coat or jeans, you can create a comfortable yet stylish look. In today’s blog, we’ll be looking at how athleisure rose in popularity and how to rock the look yourself. Continue reading to learn more and browse our bulk apparel collections today!

Why Is Athleisure So Popular?

Did you know that the word “athleisure” was only added to the dictionary in 2016? As a bulk apparel, we feel like it’s been around forever, but maybe that’s because we’ve been making high-quality bulk cotton T-shirts, sweatshirts, and other wholesale blank apparel for years!

Today, athleisure is a billion dollar market that shows no sign of slowing down. It has become so popular because living in comfortable athletic wear has become more and more accepted. The rise in popularity can also be attributed to fitness lifestyle, which has been endorsed by celebrities and promoted by social influences. Many say that wearing comfortable clothing, like the bulk apparel we sell, allows them to be themselves in public. Rather than agonizing over what outfit to pull out of the closet, you can just throw on a cotton T-shirt or layer up with a soft fleece.

Athleisure is incredibly popular, and while it started out with swapping jeans for yoga pants, it’s getting more bold and bright. Rather than blending in, athleisure is becoming all about standing out. Here at Smart Blanks, we’re all about incorporating bright colors — and many of our customers are using our blank shirts for printing their own, eye-catching designs. So if you’ve been wondering whether or not to go for that wild, multi-color screen print, it’s time to give it a shot! Try printing your design on our wholesale cotton shorts or other wholesale gym clothes item — we bet you’ll have some happy customers.

While wearing a joggers or leggings out on the street may have been a fashion faux pas for older generations, millennials are embracing the look and in the past few years it has become, when done right, a chic and sporty look. If you’re interested in helping your customers access this look, order bulk apparel from Smart Blanks today!

Athleisure Do’s and Don’ts

Do experiment with bright colors and prints. Athlesiure is all about mixing in something bright and unexpected, whether it’s bright blue sneakers or a yellow bomber jacket.

Don’t go overboard. When you’re experimenting with color, try picking a single accent piece. An outfit comprised entirely of bright pieces can be pretty overwhelming.

Do wear sneakers everywhere. Heels are out. Sneakers are in. You can wear them with everything, even dresses or other formal wear.

Do accessorize with jewelry. Athlesiure is all about mixing sporty, comfortable clothing with more traditional fashion choices. Jewelry is an easy way to highlight that contrast — try statement earrings or a few thin necklaces.

Don’t wear anything that is stained or torn. While you may have an old, favorite cut-off you wear at the gym, you can’t use athleisure as an excuse to wear it every day. Try one of our high-quality pieces of bulk apparel, like our fleeces, joggers, or tees. They’re high-quality, and look great wherever you choose to wear it!

Do get creative! Style is about expressing yourself. Give yourself the freedom to try something new.

Smart Blanks Wholesale Blank Clothing

Many of our customers order our bulk apparel in order to print their own designs or to create custom screen prints for their customers. The rise in athleisure has meant a jump in business for many of our customers, and as their partner, we’re always rooting for them! If you’re interested in expanding into the athleisure market or simply looking to get more creative in your own apparel endeavours, you can find the best wholesale athletic apparel at the best price here at Smart Blanks. Browse our collections today!