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Here at Smart Blanks, we understand where our wholesale blank clothing comes from and how it is made. That’s part of the way that we ensure that you are receiving the highest quality apparel possible. We have a great relationship with our overseas manufacturing operation — in fact, we’re family! We believe that successful business owners form great relationships with the people who are part of their supply chain. Through our business, we’ve met hundreds of people with diverse backgrounds and diverse needs, and it’s those relationships and customers that are the most important part of our business!

In today’s blog, we’re sharing how cotton goes from farm to wholesale cotton T-shirt. Not only do we bring great blank tees, we also have fleece wear and a french terry line. Continue reading to learn more about cotton processing and if you’re interested in ordering wholesale blank clothing, browse our collection today!

On the Farm

Like many plants, cotton seeds are planted in spring and cotton plants grow over the summer into bushy green shrubs. On the shrubs, cotton bolls (not to be confused with cotton balls…) and the fluffy seeds within the bolls are what will eventually become cotton — and our wholesale cotton tees! In the fall, the cotton bolls open and are then harvested and packed into bales.

Spinning and Weaving

Cotton is fluffy, which is why it makes such soft cotton clothing, like our wholesale cotton T-shirts! That fluffiness, though, isn’t very strong. The fibres must be spun, or twisted, into a strong yarn before they can become a blank cotton T-shirt.

The spun cotton is then knit, or woven on a loom into a rough fabric. That fabric is then treated with heat and chemicals, which will give wholesale T-shirts their softness and color.


The cotton cloth can, of course, be made into whatever wholesale blank clothing you need. In the case of Smart Blanks, we create wholesale shorts, joggers, T-shirts, and more! If you’re interested in purchasing wholesale blank clothing for your store, browse our collections. In terms of manufacturing, we have a great relationship with our overseas factory — in fact, we’re family! It’s one of the things that sets us apart from other wholesale blank clothing companies, and why we’re able to be so reliable and efficient.

In terms of the manufacturing process, specialized machines are able to cut, assemble, and stitch our wholesale cotton T-shirts and other wholesale blank clothing in the most efficient process. Most clothing that we stock and sell here at Smart Blanks are sewn with narrow seams, which allow for a comfortable fit.

Quality Control

Here at Smart Blanks, we pride ourselves on creating consistent, high-quality wholesale blank clothing. In order to assure that quality, we follow regulation guidelines as well as standards set by our company and manufacturing sites. For example, we look closely at hems and make sure they are flat and wide enough to prevent curlins. We also make sure that the stitching allows the wholesale athletic apparel to stretch without tearing or breaking the seam. When you place an order with Smart Blanks, you can trust that you’re getting the best quality for the best price!

Smart Blanks

We are a blank apparel company and we pride ourselves on providing our customers with premium wholesale blank clothing at a competitive price. Our business is backed by 15 years of manufacturing experience, which is why we know so much about how our wholesale cotton apparel is made! Follow our blog to continue learning about the supply chain for wholesale apparel and other tips and tricks we’ve learned along the way. And if you’re interested in ordering wholesale blank apparel such as wholesale cotton t-shirts, contact us today!