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Joggers aren’t just for lounging around the house — they’ve become an essential part of men’s street fashion. They’re everywhere, from wholesale blank clothing companies like us to custom print shops to boutiques and more! You can find them in a variety of fabrics, but the most popular choice is classic cotton. While they are called joggers, they’re not jogging pants, nor are they your average bottom. They can be casual or dressy, printed in rainbow, camo, demin, and just about any other color option you can think of.

Here at Smart Blanks, we have a variety of colors for you to choose from and you can order wholesale joggers to stock in your store. Many of our customers buy our wholesale joggers for custom screen printing, which gives customers infinite options. Today’s blog is all about joggers, and after thorough research we’ve determined that joggers are so popular and versatile that anytime is a good time for joggers. Continue reading to learn more and order bulk apparel like blank joggers today!

Are Joggers Sweatpants?

Technically, yes. Joggers differ from sweatpants in that they are more tailored and are more slim fit, have a lower inseam, and a tapered leg. They are often made of the same comfortable cotton as sweatpants, but have a more contemporary feel. If you browse our basic jogger, you’ll see that they have a thick elastic band at the bottom and the pants are designed to fall just above the ankle.

Joggers are one of the hottest new trends in men’s fashion, and you can think of their rise in conjunction with leggings for women. They are also tied to sneaker culture, as the elastic band ensures an unobstructed view of your high tops. They come in all sorts of colors and materials, and like any of our wholesale blank clothing, you can make joggers your own through custom screen printing or embroidery. Order in bulk from Smart Blanks today!

Khaki Joggers

While we only sell wholesale joggers made of french terry, fleece, and cotton, you can find more dressy joggers made of khaki or other material. When paired with a dress shoe and button up, they can be a great comfortable option to wear to work.

Twill Joggers

Twill can give your joggers a bit more structure. The material is woven with diagonal parallel ribs, and is most identifiable in apparel like a tweed jacket. Twill is also used in chinos and denims. It’s all about what colors of yard are chosen, and the weave can be as bold or muted as you like. Most twill joggers are made of cotton twill, which drapes well and is wrinkle-resistant.

French Terry Joggers

Smart Blanks supplies a variety of blank french terry joggers, which is a popular material for joggers. The knitted terry cloth fabric features loops of soft yarn on the inside of the jogger and a smooth surface on the outside. They’re an excellent choice when it comes to wholesale blank clothing, and you can browse our collection here.

How To Wear Joggers

Just like the materials they come in, joggers can be styled in many different ways. They’re definitely not formal wear (don’t try wearing them to an interview) but they are surprisingly versatile. You can pair them with hoodies, fleeces, and t-shirts for a casual, comfortable look. Or you can dress them up with a button up or blazer. We’ve seen a lot of men and women pull off a stylish business casual look with a tailored jogger and shiny oxfords.

Joggers also look great with a structured jacket, like a jean jacket or even a longer track jacket. If the weather is a little cooler, a trench coat draping over your joggers is a seriously stylish look. And if you like something more edgy, try out the leather jacket jogger combo. It’s usually a pairing done with jeans, but with the right biker jacket and black joggers you can find a contemporary, chic, athleisure look.

Whatever you choose to pair your joggers with, make sure your shoe is fresh. Joggers are made to show off your footwear, so whether it’s a high-top Addias or a leather boot, make sure it’s not scuffed or dirty. And if you’re looking to customize your joggers or sell them in your store, be sure to order Smart Blanks wholesale blank clothing today!

Smart Blanks Wholesale Blank Apparel

We are a blank clothing company and we bring our customers premium bulk apparel at a competitive price. Our bulk joggers are one of our most popular items, and you can browse our collection of bottoms here.

Our business is backed by 15 years of manufacturing experience, and our high-quality products reflect that dedication and knowledge. When you order bulk apparel from our company, you can trust that you’ll consistently receive high-quality products. Follow our blog to continue learning tips and tricks like these about all the items we carry, from wholesale joggers to blank shirts for printing and more. And if you’re interested in placing an order or have any questions about Smart Blanks, contact us today!