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Much of the wholesale blank clothing we sell here at Smart Blanks goes to businesses who print their art on our blank tees, french terry cloth shorts, blank joggers, and other clothing. Here on the Smart Blanks blog, we share tips and tricks for how to create the very best screen printed clothing. We think of ourselves as partners with all of our wholesale blank clothing customers, and we love sharing information to help you improve your business here on our blog.

In today’s post, we’re sharing five tips for designing art for screen print. Use this information to create your own stunning designs or, if you’re a custom screen printing company, to help your customers create a design they’ll be happy with. Continue reading to learn more and shop blank tees and other wholesale blank apparel from Smart Blanks today!

Pick the Right Colors

You can have the best design for the clothing, but if you pick the wrong colors it’s not going to look great. Not only do you have to think about the way the color will express the image, you’ll also need to consider how the colors will look on the color of the blank clothing you’re printing on.

Limit Your Colors

Because each color must be applied separately with a different screen, you’ll need to limit the number of colors in order to keep costs down. It’s smart to limit designs to 1-3 colors, if possible. If you’re wanting to create a design that has a larger color pallet, consider using direct to garment printing instead of screen printing. If you’re curious about the pros and cons of both these printing methods, visit our Screen Printing vs. Direct To Garment Printing page.

Incorporate Shirt Colors

Think creatively about your design and incorporate the shirt color as a color within your design. If a color on your design matches the color of your shirt, you can simply remove that color and save on ink!

Contrast Ink And Color of Blank Apparel

When screen printing, it’s vital for whatever you’re printing to be clearly visible. The way to ensure that your design stands out is to create a strong contrast between the ink color and the shirt color. Print dark ink on light shirts and light ink on dark shirts. If you’re unsure about the contrast, do a print test.

Use High-Resolution Files

If you’re a custom print shop and are taking designs from customers, make sure that they’re submitting high-resolution files for you to print. If they’ve drawn something out on paper, have them convert it to a digital file to ensure that no details are lost in the printing process. You might also have them send an editable file so that you can touch things up to control the final result. Also, know that photos don’t work well as screen printing designs. Photos have thousands of colors in them, but with a screen print, you’ll need to cut down those colors, which can create a very geometric design with little detail.

Smart Blanks Wholesale Blank Apparel

We are a blank clothing company and we bring our customers premium bulk apparel at a competitive price. Our bulk joggers, french terry shirts, and classic blank T-shirts are our most popular items, but we have a large catalog, so we bet you’ll be able to find the blank clothing that you’re looking for!

Our business is backed by 15 years of manufacturing experience, and our high-quality products reflect that dedication and knowledge. When you order bulk apparel from our company, you can trust that you’ll consistently receive high-quality products. Follow our blog to continue learning tips and tricks like these, and if you’re interested in placing an order or have any questions about Smart Blanks, contact us today!