Before we begin our story about where we began, we want
to explain who we are. This part of our story, is about you,
the customer. Throughout the course of coming into this
industry, we have met many different people, from diverse
Each and every one of you, has made this a learning
experience. Throughout every interaction, we’ve had, we
cannot find a way to thank all of our customers for giving
us the opportunity to work with them. You are the most
important part of our business. If you are yet to become a
customer, we look forward to working with you soon and
are honored to be your go to brand.
Now a little about us. Smart Blanks© is a blank apparel
brand that brings premium apparel at a price that most
cannot compete with. We do not compromise quality
when it comes to our products and have been praised
for that. This is an apparel line backed by 15 years of
manufacturing experience and our products convey that.
Not only do we bring you some great tees, but also a fleece
wear and french terry line that are designed to fit and wear
with ease. Our styles are versatile and are perfect for any
type of decoration technique. Our fabrics that make up
our collection feature a high stitch density for a smooth
printing surface that allow for many successful printing
solutions. From crewnecks, v-necks, and long sleeves to
pullovers and french terry joggers, our options reflect all
your apparel needs. Smart Blanks© dares to be different,
let us be the canvas of your expression.